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Katig Collective's "Bolinao" Infographic November 28, 2022 The following article and its related images had originally been published on the social media page of The Katig Collective, an initiative that seeks to advance the linguistic rights of various Phili…
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Deadline ng Pagpasa ng mga papel at Pananaliksik sa Daluyan Journal Tomo XXIV. Blg. 1, 2023 November 30, 2022  -  November 30, 2022 n/a
LLICON 2022: Regular Registration Deadline December 1, 2022  -  December 1, 2022 n/a
LLICON 2022: Emergent and Convergence: Teaching language and Literature in the New Normal December 1, 2022  -  December 3, 2022 Zoom Online Video Conference